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If you've been on the hunt for the perfect social media content calendar, The Social Club is ready for you! This is a monthly membership designed for small business owners who know they should be promoting their brand on social media but either

  • don't know how
  • don't love social media
  • have run out of ideas!
  • simply don't have the time or energy to keep up with social planning
Instagram Ideas and Content Calendar

Leave the social strategy & instagram ideas to the experts

The Social Club’s custom content calendar takes the guesswork, energy, and heavy-lifting of social media strategy off your plate, so you can plug & play your posts and focus on the fun stuff!


“The Social Club is exactly what anyone who does their own business social media needs!”

– Abby Helminiak, Owner of The Juicy Nail Bar

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All you have to do is show up consistently—and keep your balance

There are all kinds of social media gurus dispensing advice on how often you should be posting. The truth is, you just have to show up consistently, whatever that means for you.

Whether your bandwidth is posting daily, every-other day, or even weekly, the Social Club gives you a custom content calendar template to pull ideas from. Our content calendar is always balanced to ensure you’re giving followers a well-rounded look at everything your business has to offer.


Proof that social media marketing can grow your biz? You’re looking at it!

We at Small Studio are proof of the power of social media to promote your business. Small Studio specializes in both social media and branding, and we’ve grown from a one-woman show to a four-person, multi-6-figure business purely via our social presence and word of mouth. In short, we love what we do, we’re good at it, and we want to help even more small business owners succeed via the magic of social media marketing. 

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The Social Club is more than a content calendar

On paper, we’re giving you a monthly online membership & social media calendar, plus some beautiful bells & whistles. In reality, you’re getting so much more: With the Social Club, you’ll reignite the drive and excitement around putting yourself out there on social media. You’ll also tap into an incredible community of likeminded go-getters. Plus, your social posts—and, by extension, your brand—will look as polished as ever thanks to our super-simple, customizable design templates.

What you're getting

  • Instant access to two months worth of custom content
  • 5-6 Canva templates made for each prompt
  • Blog prompts monthly
  • Access to our community
  • 1:1 monthly coaching call with a Social Media Pro

What you're really getting

  • More engagement & sales
  • A beautifully curated feed
  • Built in social media strategy 
  • 15+ hours saved every month!
  • Less stress surrounding Social Media

Meet your guide: Ashton Henry

Ashton is the owner & CEO of Small Studio and the brains behind the Social Club. She has been designing for over 10 years. Ashton launched Small Studio with a dual focus on branding & social media to help fellow small business owners be bold and pursue their passions. She has grown her one-woman operation into a team of dedicated professionals, each working in their zone of genius. Together with Ashton as their leader, Small Studio is doing big things. We hope you’ll join our Club!

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We’re making social media as painless as possible

Like we do for our Social Media Management clients (that’s social media done FOR you), the Social Club (social media done WITH you) is designed to rescue small business owners from uncertainty, overwhelm, and lack of inspiration or time. 

If you’re not sure what to post about, don’t have the brain power for yet another brilliant idea, or feel there aren’t enough hours in the day, the Social Club helps you work through a month’s social in one go. Get it done, and get on with your life!

I'm Ready!
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The sooner you sign up, the sooner your business will stand out on social.

I'm Ready to Stand Out on Social!

Expect exceptional results

Armed with your custom content calendar and all of the tools you need to build a stand-out social media presence, you can expect some exceptional things:

  • Way less stress
  • A balanced social feed
  • Captions that add value
  • Cohesive, on-brand graphics
  • Posts that get you noticed
  • Confidence to engage
  • Followers becoming customers
  • And more!

"I'm Obsessed! Anyone who is a beginner, starting out, or just needs some help with social needs - The Social Club - it takes the work out of figuring things out for yourself!"

-Tina, Colorist at Elle & Co Salon

Is the Social Club your perfect fit?

The Social Club is a fit if you’re a service-based business. It likely won’t be a fit if you're only in the business of selling products, or if you’re an influencer or blogger. 

The content calendar breakdown: 

  • 80% Services you offer
  • 15% Products you sell or use 
  • 5% Your brand values and story

As long as there are services at the heart of your business—from aestheticians to travel agents to life coaches—the Social Club will fit like a glove.



"The Social Club has been a great tool in helping me come up with Content for Social Media! "

- Jon Sodemann, Co-Founder of Lightlink

Let's do this!