SweetTox Case Study

Get to know SweetTox

SweetTox is a Milwaukee-area injection boutique led by Katie Sweetman. Katie’s passion for the art of injectables inspired her to take the leap from her job as an RN to grow Sweet Tox from the ground up. Her dream is to change the injectable stigma to a fun, exciting, and natural experience, keeping the client at the center. Sweet Tox is a safe space for every customer to truly feel like the best version of themselves.

Sweet Tox on Social: How It Started

Before working with Small Studio, the Sweet Tox social media feed didn’t do the brand’s sassy-spunky personality justice. We knew we needed to inject some life, color, and fun into their Instagram profile. We wanted the look and feel of the feed to reflect the experience when you walk through the Sweet Tox doors.

Social Media Goals

 The goal for Sweet Tox was all about growing brand awareness and posting consistently every day. Sweet Tox wanted not only to highlight their services, team, and product line, they wanted to project an infectious, hot-pink personality along the way—and that's just what we did. We helped fine-tune the brand look, the types of posts shared on social media, and even grew our own understanding of injectables so we could design and speak from a place of industry knowledge. 

SweetTox On Social: How It’s Going

In a little over one year, Small Studio helped Sweet Tox gain over 7,000 followers. With smart, funny, audience-driven posts, impressions on Instagram increased by 78% and engagement increased by 183%. Engagement rate per impression also got a boost. And comments? They increased wildly—by 294%. How did we do it? We noticed that giveaways really worked for Sweet Tox, helping them gain and keep new followers and clients, increasing engagement and reach. In the end, between November of 2020 and February of 2022, we increased post consistency by a whopping 743% with 1,543 total custom posts! The same time-span for prior years: Sweet Tox posted just 183 times. So you see, working with us truly makes a massive difference! 

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