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Somewhere Between DIY Social Media & Hiring A Social Media Manager

 Like all good things in life, we like to think of this one as a compromise. A middle ground, even. It lands right in between hiring us as your in-house social media manager and handling everything on your own. We get you off your digital feet, prep usable content, and make sure you’re ready to take your social media to the next level.

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This 6 Hour Social Media Intensive Workshop is perfect for new businesses to get started on social, business owners who are too busy for The Social Club, and business owners who aren’t ready to commit to Social Media Management

The Goodies

Prep a 60 DAY content

calendar shell

Take a mini customized


Create 20 custom

Canva templates

Put together 30 DAYS of content for you (design and captions)

Give you a folder with business-specific stock imagery and video

Give you lifetime access to our weekly reels & memes trend emails

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