Dana Michele Makeup & Aesthetics Case Study

Get to know Dana Michele Makeup & Aesthetics 

Dana Michele started her business to help women feel a special sense of beauty and empowerment via makeup and aesthetics. In her sunlit studio in Appleton, Wisconsin, Dana strives to provide outstanding service and to educate her clients on the fundamentals of makeup and skincare. “Aside from the pure aesthetic of makeup, it has the ability to transform how a person feels about themselves,” she says. “How amazing is that? There’s no greater pleasure than when a client says how beautiful they feel.”

Dana Michele on Social: How It Started

 Dana was doing well enough on social media, but lacked a cohesive brand look to elevate her feed. She also didn’t want to do it alone anymore, which we totally get! Social media can be overwhelming when you’re also trying to run a business. By partnering with Small Studio, Dana knows that we will always be showing up for her on social, even when her own life gets too busy to post. 

Social Media Goals

What it came down to for Dana was getting some of the pressures of social media off her plate. Recently, we also cooked up a new brand look for Dana Michele Makeup & Aesthetics. Now we work that beautiful branding into her posts for a cohesive, polished, and professional look and feel. 

Dana Michele On Social: How It’s Going

Since we started working with Dana, post link clicks have increased by nearly 65% on Facebook. Post link clicks are the number of times your followers click on links from your posts. We've also helped grow Dana’s audience by 77%, as well as boosted post consistency by a brilliant 175%. 

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