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The Importance of Brand Voice on Social Media

small business social media Dec 01, 2022

It can be hard to find your voice, period. But for a brand? That can be even harder. It starts by understanding what a brand voice is and why it matters. 

Brand voice is a brand’s personality when it comes to communication. In other words, your brand voice is the way in which your brand delivers its message. Brand voice matters because the right voice allows for truly effective messaging from you to your target audience. ”Effective” as in: builds brand loyalty and drives sales. 


Here’s a basic example: Say you’re having a 30% off sale. Lots of brands have sales like this, but how do you communicate this message in a way that stays true to your brand voice and personality? Consider the words you use. A mass-market brand might be super blunt and excitable: “30% off! Save big on our best deal of the season!” A more luxury brand might shy away from words like “deal.”

Or think about times when you might thank your customers for their loyalty. You could say, “Thank you bunches!” vs. “We’re so very grateful for you.” It’s all a matter of your brand voice reflecting your business’s overall personality. 


If you’re still trying to find your brand voice, here are some things to try:

Reflect on your mission statement

Return to your roots! Look at your mission statement and identify key characteristics of your company. Sometimes it helps to think of your business as a person. How would they communicate? What words would they use and tone would they take? 

Research your audience

Speak the language of your customers. Consider the buyer persona of your audience. Who is SHE? What does HE like? What’s THEIR favorite type of content? Meet your audience where they’re at in both the content you create the way you speak to them. 


Review existing content

Chances are, you’ve already put some content out there. Review and see what worked. More importantly, see what didn’t work! What are the similarities and differences in the messaging? What can you learn from this content audit?

When you work with Small Studio, we help you button up your brand voice. We do this for our branding clients, as well as for our Social Media Management clients. When it comes to social, brand voice is particularly crucial since we handle all of the caption writing and engagement for the brands we manage. We know that a COVID-19 testing clinic shouldn’t sound the same as a wedding makeup artist. That’s why our writers step into the shoes of each client, capturing their unique voice for every single social post.

Want to learn more about our process? See if Social Media Management is the right fit for your business. Still establishing your brand? We can help with Branding too! Set up your complimentary discovery call to see how we can work together. 



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