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Taking Good Before & Afters

Taking Good Before & Afters

business photography Nov 29, 2022

Many of our Social Media Management clients are in the beauty and aesthetics industry. Over the years of working with these professionals, it’s clear that Before and After photos enjoy some of the best performance on social media for these types of accounts. But you can’t post just any Before and After—you have to do it the right way. 


When you showcase a really good, high-quality Before and After, you show multiple things: your level of professionalism, your honesty and integrity, and the straight-up truth. Here are some tips for taking the best Before and After photos to post to social media.

Use the same optimal lighting

Make sure your photos are both well- consistently-lit from Before to After. Sometimes, people will use poor or harsh lighting to play up the flaws in the Before, then feature gorgeous, soft lighting in the After for a true glow-up effect. Not only can customers spot this, it’s simply not honest. So instead, use natural light or special photographic lighting equipment to illuminate both your Before and After.


Use a consistent background 

Pay attention to the other details in the frame. Is your background messy or clean? Does the background change drastically from one Before and After pairing to the next? How can you ensure consistency? You might set up a mini photo studio with a plain backdrop and invite your clients to sit for a picture before and after their appointment. Or, depending on the environment, you may be able to simply blur the background.

Photograph from a standard angle
The goal with a Before and After is to give customers an easy comparison. It’s hard to do that when photos are zoomed in or angled differently. Make sure to photograph from the same angle for both your Before and After, and stay consistent in all the Before and After pairings you take. We recommend using a tripod to ensure your camera doesn’t shake.

Never use a filter
Filters are really tricky these days. Some are so almost-natural looking, it’s hard to tell the real from the fake. Our advice to you: avoid filters altogether. It’s an integrity thing, as well as a you-could-get-in-trouble thing. Clients won’t be pleased if their results don’t match the overly-filtered, airbrushed looks you’re showing in your Before and After photos. Put yourself in their shoes.

Make sure you get permission
It’s crucial that your clients know that their Before and After photos may be used on your website, on social media, or in print materials. You can even have your customers fill out a written consent form, especially if a photo will be used somewhere more permanent than social media. 

Take lots and lots of pictures!
WIth digital cameras, there’s no harm in taking dozens of pictures. Snap a bunch in the moment so that you can confidently pick the very best later.

Want more help fine-tuning Before and After photos for your beauty or aesthetic studio? If you’re in the Milwaukee area and looking for Social Media Management, we can help you do it all! Set up your complimentary discovery call anytime. 



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