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Stock Photography 101

Stock Photography 101

photography Nov 01, 2021
You know what really elevates your social presence? Gorgeous photos. Now, if you don’t have the luxury of a full-time photographer following you around, stock photography is truly the next best thing. 
When searching for photos on stock photography sites, remember to keep your brand front of mind—your colors, look, and feel. If your vibe is soft and airy, look for photos that reflect a similar softness. If your brand is bold and saturated with color, your stock images should also pack a punch. 
Depending on the post, you may find a stock photo in a jiffy, or you might have to click around a bit. When searching, use terms that are similar to the hashtags you use as a way of broadening your search. Below are some of our favorite FREE stock photography sites to explore. 
Unsplash is a source for freely-usable images powered by creators, for creators. Just search and download. No joke, our design-minded friends all trust Unsplash for their projects. If the photography is good enough for a professional designer… 
We are here for diverse voices and faces, and that’s what Nappy is all about. With a stunning catalog of free images of black and brown people, makes it easy for businesses to be purposeful about representation in their designs and ads. 
The nice thing about Pexels, aside from the gorgeous images? There really are no strings attached! Plus, they make searching and saving your images super simple. 
StockSnap promises users an ever-expanding collection of high-quality stock images for free. The content available is similar to Pexels and Unsplash, with photo downloads being free and easy. 
Looking for more than just photos? If you want to search for video and music too, check out Pixabay. Everything on the site is released under the Pixabay License, meaning each download is safe and free to use. 
Kaboompics goes beyond photography, attaching a custom color palette and related photos to each image. Plus, you can download your images in the exact size you need! That’s pretty sweet. However, we find their search function isn’t as good as the others.
Tell us: Which one is your favorite and why?

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