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Tips for Standing Out on Social Media

Standing Out on Social Media

branding business social media Jan 07, 2022


There’s a lot of noise out there in social media land. A lot of trendy content, styles, vibes. Giving into these trends—or, on the flip side, not trying at all on social—is no way to market your small business, let alone best-represent it. 

The truth is, whether you enjoy or have the bandwidth for social media or not, your clients and prospective customers are using it. Depending on your industry, they may be using it a lot. Social media may even be how some clients find you. Or, if you’re not on it, how they find your competition instead. 

The moral of the story? It’s in your business’s best interest to really stand out on social media. And by “stand out” we mean consistent branding that’s true to you, that speaks the same language as your target audience, and builds trust among your customers. 

Consistent Branding

When we talk about consistent branding, we first have to have a brand to be consistent with. If you’re struggling with your business’s branding (logo, colors, design elements, mission, value offerings), we can help with that too. But for the sake of argument, let’s say your business already has a brand you feel good about. 

We want to take that brand from your brick and mortar store, your website, your paper goods and translate it to social media. We’re here to help you show up consistently and recognizably across all of these channels where customers may find you. 

Branded content on social means letting people know at a glance that your content is your own and aligned with the business you do offline. Custom, consistent, branded content instills confidence—and confidence converts to real-world sales and loyal customers. 

Be Authentic

Standing out on social media means not succumbing to the trends. For instance, if you’ve followed photography trends in the past decade or so, light and airy has long been the popular look. So in a sea of sun-soaked photos, saturated ones with rich shadows really stand out.

It’s the same with businesses and branding. Stay authentic to your truth, your preferred style, and what your business stands for, rather than going along with what everyone else in your industry is doing. That authenticity shows through in your values and mission, and is then reflected in the branded content you share. 

Mission + Values Meet Captions

Your social post captions should reinforce your mission and speak to your values and value offerings. This goes along with showing up authentically. By doubling down on your own unique business mission and values, you’re going to attract the right clients—the kind who are picking up what you’re putting down. And those are the kind of clients who will follow along in the social sphere and, with care and thoughtful attention, are most likely to transition to real-world customers. 

If this sounds like a lot to take on for your business, that’s why we’re here! This is what we do for all of our Small Studio clients. We design from scratch to visually represent your brand on social media. We write post captions that are thoughtful, value-driven, and reflect your business’s tone of voice. We handle the planning, the scheduling, the nitty gritty. And we loop you in as much or as little as you like, working closely together or taking full control to get social media off your plate.

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