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Planning My Brand Photo Shoot

Planning My Brand Photo Shoot

content planning photography Jan 10, 2020

 I’m very excited about my brand photography session! I thought it might be beneficial to share what I am packing in case you were looking for some ideas. Since my brand is essentially me, I will be the main focus of my shoot (eek) but I have some other shots in mind because of the services I offer. There are 5 areas you need to focus on when you’re planning out your shoot. The Inspo, The Space, The Clothes (if you’re in the shoot), The Props, and Researching the right Photographer.


The Inspo


Remember the mood board? I created a Pinterest board to help me gather ideas about the energy and look of what I was going for. For this I referenced my values: Authentic Communication, Cultivate Relationships, Curious Creations, Deliver Delight.

Value 1: Authentic Communication

I wanted to be authentic, meaning I am a quirky creative, so people should know that. I am not saying that I can’t be professional, but I love having fun, being creative, and embracing my joy. So I want my photos to tell my future clients that working with me will be a unique and fun experience.

Value 2: Cultivate Relationships

The first way I am honoring this value is by using Brit Higgins Photography. I have always admired her style and what better way to support her and her business than to hire her! I am also incorporating some of my favorite brands into my Photo Shoot so that I am able to help share the amazing work that others do.

Value 3: Curious Creations

This value is all about embracing my creativity. I love energetic, creative and fun professional portraits. Those are the ones that stand out to me and the clients I am trying to attract will gravitate to that creative look as well.

Value 4: Deliver Delight

I want my photos to make you feel something. I want you to be delighted when looking at my website, Instagram, Pinterest board, and anywhere you find me and my brand. I am all about having fun and embracing the joy in my life. I hope that by looking at my brand you find joy and feel delighted and energized at the possibility of working with me.


The Space

Brit and I met up and discussed where the best place would be for the photos. Here in Milwaukee (in January) I couldn’t really rely on outdoor photos and I wasn’t sure that was the right fit for my brand anyways. The other two options were going to be a home office session in my house or in a studio. Renting a studio came with an extra cost but keeping in mind my brand, I thought the Studio would be a better fit. My house vibe is a lot different than the Small Studio’s vibe and I want to make sure my photos give off the right vibe.



I am focusing on three main points for clothing: Flattering, Comfortable, & Brand Colors

Flattering, cause I want to love these photos. They will probably stick around for a while and I want to be comfortable with them. I don’t want to waste time with outfits I don’t wear on the regular. I am picking outfits that I feel confident and authentic in.

Comfortable, cause I don’t want to be fidgeting with them. There are just some clothes that you love, but you end up straightening and pushing down, and re-adjusting all day when you wear them. That is not what I want to be doing during the limited time I have with Brit.


Brand Colors, cause BRANDING. You better believe I will be wearing my brand colors - BUT only the ones that I actually wear. I mean, look at my color palette - pink, yellow, red/orange, blue and mint. Not only do I not own all those colors, but they also don’t all look good on me. I plan on doing this with little pops of color. If you can work your brand colors in, great. If you only wear black all the time and it’s not your brand color - work your brand into the space around you. - which leads me to props!



I honestly just looked around at lots of images - I think I will be getting some that are just me, a classic portrait, but I want to be able to use these photos all over the place and I am going to need different shots for different things. So this is the list I put together.

My Phone & Laptop (Cause I work with Tech)

A Notebook (Cause I swear by it)

My favorite mugs (one is weird, one is my favorite because my cousin over at Wilson Creek Pottery made it! - Cultivating Relationships)

Champagne (Cause yum!)

Glasses (Cause you will most likely find them on my face)

Cards (Thank yous - Another great place for brand colors)


Books (Some of my favorites)

Business Cards (This is a great example of something I offer & Brand Colors)

Flowers/Plants (Cause I LOVE plants - Check out my house/plant blog over here)




Wall Art


Steamer (for wrinkles!)



The Photographer

I scheduled my shoot with Brit Higgins Photography - I can’t wait to see the results and show you guys what we came up with! It was easy for me to select Brit because she has already shot photos of me at a friend’s wedding. When I look through Brit’s photos I see energy, authentic moments and fun! Which is exactly what I am going for. I am so excited that she was willing to work with me and I hope if you’re getting married, having a baby, need family portraits or are starting your own brand, that you will consider her for your own photography!


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