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October National Days

October National Days

content planning national days small business social media Sep 15, 2022

October is known for being a spooky month, but you know what should never be scary? Posting on social media. The quickest way to quell social media fears and worries is to plan ahead. Below are 9 assorted holidays to inspire your October social content planning.


October 1: National Coffee Day 

Do you start your day with coffee? Take people behind the scenes of your morning routine. If you work with a small team, you might share a post detailing each team member’s go-to coffee order, then ask followers to vote for their favorite in stories for a boost of engagement.


October 3: National Techies Day

If you’re in the tech industry, today is for you! Reintroduce your business for any newcomers. Not sure what to say? Share your “why” or “what.” Why are you in this business? What sets you apart from others in your industry?


October 5: National Teacher’s Day

We all learn from someone. Give a shout-out to any teachers or mentors who have helped and inspired you along your journey.


October 7: World Smile Day

Share a roundup of things that make you smile, or make a meme that will get other people smiling.


October 10: World Mental Health Day

This is an important reminder to check in with your team. How is everyone’s mental load and stress levels? What support can you give? Take this mentality to social today, too: What might your followers want to see or hear that might promote their mental well-being? Perhaps an inspiring quote or a reminder to prioritize self-care.


October 15: Sweetest Day & National Aesthetician Day

We manage a handful of aesthetician social accounts here at Small Studio, so this is a date we definitely keep on our radar. Whatever your industry, seek out and celebrate holidays that matter to you! October 15th is also Sweetest Day. If you don’t feel like sharing your sweetie on social, you could turn this into a gratitude post, thanking your clients for being the sweetest.


October 16: National Boss’s Day

If you’re the boss, let your team celebrate you on social today. Not loving the spotlight? Consider this your nudge to introduce yourself on social, sharing your story, your credentials, and putting a face to the founder of your business. This will humanize your brand and promote connection.


October 30: National Checklist Day

Love a good checklist? Us too. If your process is part of your value proposition, show a sneak peek of your checklists, organizational tactics, and workflow to give folks a glimpse of the time and attention that goes into running your business.


October 31: Halloween

Have fun with this one! Share this year’s costume or a roundup of favorite costumes from years past. If you have a team, encourage people to dress up today and snap a photo to post.


If you’re ready to take your planning up a notch, we recommend joining the Social Club. That’s where we give you all the tools you need to DIY your social media for your small business—everything from a monthly custom content calendar to caption prompts to plug-n-play Canva templates. Join today!




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