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2022 November National Days

content planning national days Oct 29, 2021
If you’re still going it alone managing your social media, planning the month’s content calendar can be overwhelming (hey, we can help you there!). You may feel like you have no new ideas or like you’re just repeating the same things over and over (we can help you there, too!). What you need is our secret ingredient—finding fun holidays to celebrate via! is one of our first stops when creating a custom content calendar for a client. With a big, beautiful list of holidays, this site is a fantastic tool for laying the groundwork for your monthly calendar. You can scroll through the list of “national days” for the month and handpick those that will work for you and your business.
Here are 10 examples of National Days for November and how you can use them for your social media.
November 3: National Stress Awareness Day
Is your business all about self-care? Nothing speaks to self-care more than stress awareness. Talk about how your services can help give your client that bit of relief they’ve been looking for.
November 4: National Candy Day
This is a great way to get to know your clients. Put out a poll! Chocolate or hard candy? Which flavor of M&M’s is the best? Better yet, get your team on camera and have them reveal their favorite candies and see if your clients agree!
November 5: National Redhead Day
Own a hair salon? Then stop right there and take notes because this is a must do. Make this a client feature of a recent redhead’s transformation.
November 6: National Team Manager Day
Calling all leaders! It’s your turn in front of the camera. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you might think. Let your clients know some fun facts about you. Bonus points if you include your approach to leadership.
November 13: World Kindness Day
Do you have an awesome client or team member that goes above and beyond? Call them out! Let them know how much they are appreciated and what they do is the epitome of kindness.
November 16: National Entrepreneurship Day
Gather 'round, kids—it’s story time! The story of you and your business. Inspire others with the story of why your business became your passion, or vice versa. And don’t be afraid to get down into the nitty gritty of entrepreneurship. It’s not always easy!
November 21: World Hello Day
Consider this the perfect excuse to re-introduce yourself to your clients. Trust us, there is at least one person who will be curious to know more about what goes on behind the scenes at your business.
November 25: Thanksgiving Day
Don’t shy away from the obvious! Acknowledging a big holiday is never a bad thing. Plus you can have some fun with it. Stuffing vs mashed potatoes, anyone? Or just show some heartfelt gratitude for your team, clients, and support system.
November 27: Small Business Saturday
Of course there is also Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but Small Business Saturday is where you get your time to shine. Make sure to call out any special offers!
November 30: Giving Tuesday
Do you and your team do something to help your community? This would be a great day to show the people how your business helps give back. If not, no worries! Brainstorm little ways to start giving back either to your clients or your community.
Happy planning!

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