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May National Days

May National Days

content planning national days Apr 18, 2022
Can you believe May is just around the corner? As a small business owner, another month means another four weeks of social media content to plan. We love it! But if the thought of May's content calendar makes you feel more YIKES than YAY, we can help.
Here are 10 holidays in May to inspire your social posts:
May 1–7: National Small Business Week
Small business owners rejoice! There's a whole week dedicated to celebrating everything you do. Think of ways you can spotlight various aspects of your business throughout the week: your team, mission, values, types of services, types of products, a studio tour, etc. Keep the info high-level—a welcoming overview of everything your small business is about.
May 4: National Teacher Appreciation Day
You may actually know May the Fourth as Star Wars Day, and we're totally here for it. But it's also a chance for young padawans of all kinds to show their teachers some love! Is there a teacher or mentor who helped you get where you are, or who continues to help guide you professionally? Give them a shoutout on social.
May 7: Kentucky Derby
Hats, juleps, the works! This is a fun day to spotlight, particularly if you or someone on your team gets really into the festivities. Depending on your industry, you could even turn the event into a primping promotion.
May 8: Mother's Day
Always the second Sunday in May, Mother's Day is a key holiday to keep on your radar. In women-centric industries, it's a no-brainer to honor and celebrate the hard work mothers do. This would be a great chance to do a giveaway, asking followers to tag a mom who deserves to win.
May 8: National Women's Health Week
If you're in the healthcare field, this week is for you. If possible, keep a woman-centric spin on the services or products you feature on social. Not in healthcare? You can still get inspired by this holiday. Maybe your business contributes to a woman's self-care, which helps her overall wellness flourish.
May 11: National Receptionist Day
If you have a team you count on for support, including a receptionist, today is a good day to show them some love on social. You don't even have to call out "National Receptionist Day" if you don't want to. Remember, it's okay to simply use these holidays as ideas for things to share with your followers.
May 12: National Nurses Day
Back to the healthcare industry, May 12th is a great day to highlight anyone on your team who is a nurse or who has a nursing background. Talk about why their education and experience makes them so good at what they do.
May 16: National Mimosa Day
Have something to celebrate, or just love an excuse to pop bubbly on the job? Today is your day! And in case you were wondering: National Wine Day is May 25th.
May 20: National Bike to Work Day
Do you or someone on your staff ever bike to work? If so, this is a nifty excuse to share a fun fact on social. If biking to work isn't your thing, think instead of other fun facts you might share about yourself or your team's morning routine.
May 30: Memorial Day
The last Monday in May is always a favorite. Who doesn't love a day off? If your business is closed on Memorial Day, be sure to post your holiday hours before the long weekend. Memorial Day also feels like the kick-off to summer, so use this seasonal shift to get inspired. Consider how sunshine and warmer weather affect your business, and create social content around that.
Happy planning!

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