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June Post Ideaa

June Post Ideas

business content planning national days May 19, 2023


Holidays to celebrate on Social Media in June 2023.


June 1st - New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day

As the year has hit the halfway point, it is time to step back and reflect on the resolution you set in January. Reflect on the progress you made so far, or what you will do to get back on track. Sharing that with your audience might inspire them to comment or share their own resolution updates.


June 3rd - Thank You Day

Take the day to thank anyone who has impacted your life in a positive way. Thank your customers and supporters by running a sale or a little gift with a purchase.


June 18th - Father’s Day

We would have no dad jokes without dads. Celebrate this day by thanking the dads in your business, or even share your favorite dad joke!



June 19th - Juneteenth

Juneteenth is a historical day in U.S. history when slavery was abolished. Share a graphic with a few words of support if that resonates with you. 


June 21st - Cookie Dough Day

Start a debate about a popular dessert! Share one of your favorite homemade sweets! Tag your favorite local bakeries!


June 26th - National Beautication Day

The perfect day to recognize all the beauticians that work for your company. You can even re-introduce yourself and all of your services. 


June 29th - National Handshake Day

Take advantage of Handshake Day by messaging a few of your followers and thanking them. Creating a connection over the internet is important by relaying to your followers that you care and appreciate their support!


June 29th - National Camera Day

Can you believe that the camera is so complicated it took a scientist to understand?! Bring your camera into focus today and share some of your favorite images you have taken with your camera!


June 30th - Social Media Day

Yay, our favorite day! Take the time to celebrate the great relationships you have build on social media platforms. Give an extra shout-out to your friends and family. Social media has kept us connected since the beginning of its creation!



If you love all these ideas but don’t have the time you want to dedicate to social media, Small Studio can help! Work with a team who builds your content for you and try a more hands off approach. This way your social media stays consistent and you have more time to dedicate to your business. Book a discovery call with Ashton if you are interested in Social Media management! 

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