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June National Days

June National Days

content planning national days social media May 16, 2022
June is coming in hot! Or, if you're in Wisconsin like us, it's coming in lukewarm and fickle. The silver lining? There's nothing like a cloudy day in May for planning out your social content calendar for June. That way, when the sun does come out, you can actually enjoy it!
Here are 10 holidays in June to inspire your social posts:
June 2: National Leave the Office Early Day
We love an excuse to call it a day just a little bit early. On June 2nd, use this excuse to plan a happy hour, or to share with your followers what you'd do if your day ended at 3pm—hit a yoga class, make a nice dinner, or just RELAX (not catch up on emails, right?).
June 5: World Environment Day
Show Mother Earth some love! If you feature products or services that are environmentally friendly, speak to that on social today.
June 6: National Higher Education Day
Let's dig into your personal history. How did schooling, a degree, or an apprenticeship help prepare you for the job you have today? If you went to college, give your alma mater a shout-out! Either way, get inspired by sharing the experience & learning it took to get you to where you are.
June 8: National Best Friends Day
Feature your best friends on social as a way to say thank-you to them for supporting you on your journey. If you work with lovely people who you consider work besties, turn this into a team feature.
June 19: Father's Day
Give it up for all the dads and father figures. If you're in a business that sells to men and fathers, remember that people are in the market for the perfect gift for Dad in the days and weeks leading up to Father's Day. Target your social messaging accordingly!
June 21: First Day of Summer
Ahhhh summer... Keep it simple and wish folks a Happy Summer today. If you can find a deeper connection to the summer months—like a product you sell or service you provide that is perfect for this season—go ahead and remind your followers to shop or book with you.
June 21: National Selfie Day
Turns out, June 21st is a hot day for celebrating! It's also National Selfie Day. There's never been a more fitting holiday for social media.
June 21: World Music Day
Another fun one for June 21st is World Music Day. Take this opportunity either to ask your followers to share some of their favorite songs and artists for summer, or put together your own Spotify playlist to share.
June 24: National Take Your Dog to Work Day
If you have a dog that you take to work, voila! Your post for June 24th just planned itself.
June 30: National Social Media Day
Remember when we said there's never been a more fitting holiday for social media than National Selfie Day? We spoke too soon. The nice thing about June 30th: All you have to do is show up on social and you're automatically celebrating!

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