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January Instagram Post Ideas

January Instagram Post Ideas

Dec 15, 2022

It’s a fresh new year, which means there’s no shortage of things to post about on social media: your resolutions, goals, intentions, and exciting things customers can look forward to in 2023. But if you need further inspiration, here are eight holidays to help spark some ideas: 


January 1: New Year’s Day

This is a great time to touch on your resolutions, or to simply wish your followers a Happy New Year. You might also ask your followers what their resolutions are and invite them to share in the comments. 


January 4: National Trivia Day
Give your audience a pop quiz! Ask them a question related to your industry, or use stickers to host an interactive quiz in your Instagram stories. This will help boost engagement. When you share and expand on the answers, it's a chance to show your expertise and educate.

January 10: Clean Off Your Desk Day
Use this day as an excuse to get organized and show your process on social media. Or if your space is already clean and tidy, give a little tour of where you work.

January 15: National Hat Day

If you’re a solo business owner or work at a very small company, consider the many hats you wear. You might be the owner, accountant, and project manager all in one. Talk about this on social media to give customers a chance to appreciate the dynamic worker you are. 


January 17: MLK Day
If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a holiday you celebrate or a day that affects your business hours, make that known on social media. Otherwise, just know and acknowledge that this holiday is one your friends and fellow business owners might observe today. 

January 20: Get To Know Your Customers Day

Think about what you’d like to learn about your customers—perhaps the products and services they prioritize, problems they’re facing related to your industry, or how you can improve your business offerings. You can ask these questions in stories, then share any meaningful results to your feed another day.

January 24: National Compliment Day
Post an affirmation directed at your wonderful customers. Tell them how great you think they are, and thank them for choosing you.

January 25: Opposite Day

What does Opposite Day look like in your industry? You might show a super-dramatic transformation or talk about what really sets you far apart from other similar businesses. 


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