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How We Pick Brand Colors

How We Pick Brand Colors

branding small business May 26, 2023


Part of kicking your business strategy into high gear is making sure you’ve got the best branding in town (which hey, we’re just saying, we can help you with). We like to think of branding as a way to visually represent your business – it’s a way you can communicate with your audience without having to say anything at all. One important aspect of branding is your brand colors. We don’t want to lay on the pressure, but these colors are ones that will continue to pop up across your socials, website, and everything digital. So, it’s worth giving them some thought. The good news? Small Studio is here to help. Keep reading for items to keep in mind when deciding your brand colors.



1. Consider your ideal client

When it comes to your brand colors, the client might just come first. If your branding is a visual representation of your business, it helps to choose colors that appeal to your audience. This way, they’re already attracted to your business from the get go. Research colors other brands in your industry are using, survey your current audience, and think about what you want your brand colors to communicate to your customers.

2. Research the current market

Since you’re already going to be researching what brand colors are being used, you might as well dig deep. One easy way to stick out is by using brand colors that are new to the playing field – when consumers see between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day, making sure you’re memorable is a must. Brand colors are just one way you can position yourself differently from competitors. 

3. Color theory

When colors look good together, they look good together. Luckily, this isn’t magic. Instead, it’s something known as color theory. What’s color theory, you ask? Color theory refers to rules and guidelines informing artists and designers as they put together appealing color schemes. Consider the color wheel:

You can utilize the color wheel for your brand colors in order to find colors that complement each other – or, if needed, contrast. There’s so much to talk about when it comes to color theory that it could be it’s own blog post (and maybe it will be!). To save some time, we won’t get bogged down in the details right now. If you’re curious, you can learn more about color theory here.

4. Personal preference

At the end of the day, this is your business we’re talking about. You’re going to be up close and personal with your brand colors more than anyone else. So, it might help to choose brand colors that you enjoy. Maybe there’s one in there that’s a personal favorite. 

If we could give you an equation, it might look like this: colors for your clients + personal favorites + market research = pathway to your perfect brand colors. If you factor us in there, you’ll certainly be headed in the right direction. Learn more about Small Studio’s branding services by booking a strategy call today.


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