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How To Protect Your IG Account

How To Protect Your IG Account

business Mar 01, 2023

Now that we have reviewed what to do if your account gets hacked, it is time to prevent hackers from trying in the first place. Protecting your account from the start is so important especially if you are planning to use this account for your business or other venture opportunities. Hackers are more likely to try to get into accounts with a high engagement rate so they can direct your followers to their account. 


What we recommend the most to our clients is to enable two-factor authentication. What is two-factor authentication? It verifies your identity by using two factors, such as a passcode and a key. Yes, we know, it feels like a hassle but it protects your account! Providing extra security in a world where personal data is up for grabs.

Duo Security is a 2FA software that provides the extra security. This software is linked to Instagram when you activate your 2FA. You need to download the app on your phone and login to your Instagram account. What is also nice about Duo is that it can be used with multiple social platforms when protecting your account. Such accounts as Amazon, DropBox, Google, Twitter, and the list goes on.  It is as easy as logging into the app, clicking the social platform I need the numbers for, typing in the 6 number code, and boom I am logged in.



I find using the Duo app easier than a text because it is dependable, I know the numbers are there and I can always have access to them. Unlike a text message where I never know if it is actually sent or if it is coming to my phone.

I attached a photo of my personal Duo along with a photo of how to set up 2FA on your Instagram account. 




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