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How to learn from the competition

How to learn from the competition

business Jul 10, 2023

Today, we’re bringing in the competition. Okay, not we’re not really doing that–but we are going to talk about how your competitors are someone to make note of. You know those accounts you kind of admire but are secretly kind of jealous of? Their content is amazing, they’ve grown their followers, and they’re generally just on top of their game? Yeah, there’s a reason for that. But most importantly, there’s something there for you to learn from. Follow along with us:




  1. Like we mentioned, take note of what you like. Be careful: this doesn’t mean copy it. Paying homage to someone’s style or approach is a fine art. You can take inspiration from it, but you need to put your own personal twist on it.

  2. Then, take some time to write out what you like about it. They say journaling is healthy practice in general, right? Think of this like your marketing journal. Reflect on why you like what you’re seeing and what it accomplishes. Maybe it’s great product photography, effective copywriting, or brand colors that resonate. Get down to the bottom of what you find impressive.

  3. Here comes the martini with a twist: think about how you can do it differently. Everyone takes inspiration from each other, but how they implement this inspiration into their business is what sets them apart. Since you’re already journaling and reflecting, start thinking about what makes your company unique. Pair that with this newfound art and boom! There’s your personal pizazz.

  4. No one likes someone who’s all bark not bite. So, next, you need to think through what you need in order to successfully execute. Are you calling the full team in for a meeting? Ordering new photo backdrops? Redesigning your website? Make a list and check it twice (and probably a third and fourth time).

  5. Finally, decide on a date you want this all to be pushed live. Take that date and work backwards to create a timeline. Refer back to those executionary steps and make sure each one is on that timeline–that way, it’s set up a bit like dominos. One step happens and you’re onto the next.

Since we’re feeling kind, here’s a bit of advice for the journey ahead: please be generous with your time. If you think it will take an hour to do one task, go ahead and give yourself two. That might just be a good rule of thumb for life–giving yourself more time. The next time you see something online that you like, pause and reflect on what exactly you enjoy. Like we’ve been saying, be sure to make note of it. By keeping these steps in mind, your competitors might just become your greatest source of inspiration.




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