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High Engagement Social Posts

High Engagement Social Posts

content planning social media Apr 13, 2022
How engaging is your content on social media?
That word "engaging" might seem like a throwaway descriptor—like how smart, witty, or clever your content is. But it's more than that. On Instagram, engagement means all the ways followers interact with your content. For example: likes, comments, saves, and shares are all ways people engage on social media.
Strong engagement means your content is, well, engaging! And if your content is engaging, that means people are connecting with your brand. Over time, connected followers are more likely to become real-world clients.
Establishing those connections on social media is about more than just spotlighting products or services. It's about overall brand awareness, and highly-engaging content is more likely to be shared and discussed. Not to mention, the Instagram algorithm rewards engagement.
But how do you create content that will boost engagement? It starts by stopping the scroll—that is, grabbing your followers' attention. First you need an graphic, photo, or video that is going to stop their scroll and hold their interest.
Here are 4 ideas for scroll-stopping posts:
Charts & Graphs
Hands up if you're a visual learner! Charts and graphs are perfect for displaying facts in an easy format your followers can consume at a glance. Consider a pie chart or bar graph. You can communicate a lot with just one image.
Ask a Question
Create a text graphic that asks a question. By prompting your audience to be self-reflective, you'll get them to stop, think, and slow their scroll. You might ask a serious question related to your business, or it could be something fluffy and fun. Note that fun, easy questions are more likely to get a quick response—AKA engagement.
Make a Meme
Think of the kinds of content you personally save and share on Instagram. It's probably content that either educates or entertains. In the entertainment category, memes are an easy way to grab and hold attention. In order to enjoy a meme, you have to slow down and stop scrolling, which is just what we want.
To highlight a quote on Instagram, create a text graphic of something quotable. Setting off words with quotation marks signals to your followers that someone has something important to say. Odds are, your engaged followers would love to hear what other thought leaders, entertainers, or industry experts are saying.
Once you've grabbed their attention with a scroll-stopping graphic, photo, or video, it's time for a killer caption. The caption lays out the value you're bringing with this post while also instructing your followers as far as how to engage (ex: like, share, save for later).
Value can take many forms in an Instagram caption. You might be giving them a tip that will save time or money, sharing something that will enrich lives through knowledge or laughter, or simply highlighting some sort of broader human connection.
If you're not sure where to start with engaging post images and captions, we have a couple of extra resources that might help. First is our Evergreens—30+ prompts for social posts that you can turn to any time you feel stuck on what to post. Next is our Quotes freebie, curated with our fellow entrepreneurs in mind. Or, if you're looking for even more help creating a truly engaging and on-brand social presence for your business, you could always leave it to the pros at Small Studio. We would love the chance to discuss your social media management needs. Reach out to set up your complimentary discovery call!

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