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7 Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media in February 2023

February Instagram Post Ideas

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7 Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media in February 2023


We are a month into the new year and it is important to keep on your goals. We’ve got your back with the start of your February content. Keep these dates in mind and we hope that they inspire some of your own content ideas.


February 2: Groundhog’s Day
A national holiday in which a handful people believe a mammal can foretell the future. It is also the anticipation of the birth of farm animals and planting of crops. Share with your followers what you are excited for this upcoming spring.

February 6: Pay A Compliment Day

This day should be celebrated by giving genuine compliments to others. The best compliments to give are those acknowledging someone who did something nice for others. Give a thank you to your followers or co-workers for their contributions and support. 


February 8: Safer Internet Day

The internet can be a frightening place so it is important to educate family and friends on internet usage. Sharing with your audience how to protect themselves and others online can grow a connection. Put an emphasis on how important it is to not share passwords or use public wifi while browsing important information.

February 14: Valentine’s Day

A folk tradition that has transitioned into a national holiday. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by sharing about the ones you love and share about what you love and appreciate. Share something that you already fell in love with this 2023. 


February 17: National Act of Kindness Day
Let’s not forget that there are multiple ways of being kind. Paying a compliment, donating to your local charity, or leaving an extra dollar in the tip jar. Use the hashtag #payitforward and tag your favorite charity.

February 20: President’s Day

If President’s  Day is a holiday you celebrate or a day that affects your business hours, make that known on social media. Otherwise, just know and acknowledge that this holiday is one your friends and fellow business owners might observe today.  


February 22: World Thinking Day

Prompt your audience with something to think about. Ask them a question related to your industry, or use stickers and host an interactive quiz. Educate your audience and ask for their response through the Instagram question and answer feature.


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