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Email List: Why Your Business Needs One

Email List: Why Your Business Needs One

business Jan 05, 2022
Weekly check-ins, monthly newsletters, seasonal promos, important updates. These are just some of the practical, informative reasons why your business needs an email list. 
“But that’s what my social media is for,” you say. Well, sort of—but really, social media should be supporting content that lives in places that are entirely owned by you. This includes your brick-and-mortar, your physical mailing list, your website, and (yep!) your email list. Here’s why:
YOU own your email list.
While social media relies on giants like Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook), and Twitter, your email list is all yours. You make the rules. This is your little corner of the Internet. 
What if Instagram crashes?
It’s happened before, so we need to be prepared for a social outage to happen again. If you put all your business’s marketing eggs in the Instagram basket, you’re in trouble. How will you reach your customers? Build your email list, and start sending inbox updates. That way you can easily transition in the event of another Instagram crash. 
Consistent communication. 
A weekly or monthly email is a consistent way to communicate with your customers and fans. Depending on how you acquired the names on your list, odds are these people are already engaged with your brand. There’s value in showing up consistently for them in a more-intimate email setting. 
Email list = exclusive access.
There’s always something exclusive-feeling about being on “the list.” When it comes to email, it’s exclusive in more ways than one. Like we said, email can be more intimate. You’re in someone’s inbox—not just shouting into the social media void, hoping they slow their scroll. By making the content shared in your emails exclusive as well, that will keep your customers clicking into them. For instance: Announce promotions, giveaways, and seasonal drops to your email audience before sharing the same offers on Instagram. This is the ultimate value offering, so make it clear that if folks want first dibs, they best get on your list. 
Not sure where to start with setting up an email list? Some of our favorite platforms are Mail Chimp, Convert Kit, Constant Contact, and SquareSpace (email is built in!). These are all fairly similar in capabilities and pricing structure, so dive in and see which works for you!

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