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Content Planning Tips

Content Planning Tips

business content planning May 01, 2022
If you're a business owner feeling stressed from managing your own social media, you're not alone. After all, that sense of overwhelm is one reason Small Studio is in business. Many entrepreneurs can't wait to get the daily grind, pressure, and ever-changing ups and downs of social media off their plate—and we genuinely can't wait to help! We know how important social media is in moving the needle, but it only works when it's done right.
If you're not quite ready to offload your social media management, consider this: It all starts with content planning. That is, knowing what you're going to post about and when. Here are 4 tips for planning your own content calendar on social:
Start With 3–5 Content Buckets
To make it easier to get ideas for social posts, begin by identifying your key content buckets. For example, your posts may fall into any of the following buckets: services, products, your team, brand pillars, and so on. From there, you can break your buckets into post types such as: educational posts, quotes, testimonials, FAQs, and more. Your buckets and post types will vary depending on your industry. But once you name what these are for your business, the ideas will come much easier.
Offer Value & Connection
Whatever your content buckets and post types, one thing should remain constant: adding value and connection with each and every post. When we say "value," we mean solving a problem, educating, or enriching the lives of your followers. As for "connection," think of this as a sense of community. Everything from inviting questions to entertaining with a funny meme—it's all connection and making yourself and your brand more human and relatable. Being relatable builds trust, and trust breeds sales.
Take Time to Plan
As you start to plan content, give yourself ample time. It's okay to take a beat and collect your thoughts. Be smart about your content buckets and post types, brainstorming and making a schedule for posts that consistently add value and connection. Figure out your posting cadence. Will you post a couple times each week or every day? Whatever you decide, quality content is often more important than frequency. Don't feel like you have to implement your new calendar tomorrow—rather, get ahead up-front so that you're able to stay on top of posts going forward.
Consider What Worked Before
Look at your social feed and assess: Which posts have performed well in the past? Look at your metrics behind the scenes, or simply see at a glance which posts have the most likes and comments. What do your most successful posts have in common? Do they feature a photo? An inspiring quote? An eye-catching video? Did you ask a question in the caption? Was the content something folks would be inclined to save for later? Whatever you think sets your successful posts apart, use that as inspiration to try and recreate the magic in future posts.
If you're looking for still more direction on content planning for your small business, you're in luck. We'll soon be launching the Small Studio Social Club, which will feature everything from post ideas to caption prompts to Canva templates and more. Get on the waitlist here!

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