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Branded Content Is Better Content

Branded Content Is Better Content

branding business photography social media Oct 05, 2021


Think about a brand you love. I bet you can picture it—the logo, the colors, the overall vibe. Now think about how that brand shows up on social media. I bet that visual energy is consistent, carrying through brand elements with intention and conviction. And if you’re loving this brand, odds are it’s a super successful one. 

Where am I going with this? Branded content is simply better for your business. It gets you noticed and brings in sales. Have you heard of the marketing rule of seven? In short, the rule posits that it takes an average of seven interactions with a brand before a purchase will take place. That tracks! 

With social media, it’s easier than ever to connect with potential customers and hit that magic number seven. But it only works if, through all the social noise, people know in a nanosecond that your brand is just that—yours. As folks scroll through Instagram, you have a fleeting moment to win their attention and chalk up an interaction. That’s where branded content comes into play. 

Branded design slows the scroll

This is the visual, surface-level side of branded content—your brand colors, fonts, and mood. Again, as we scroll, we look for things that catch our eye. If you want people to fall for your brand, the goal is to have them slow their scroll. By showing up with a consistent color story, typeface, and design that’s unique to your business, you’re helping potential customers anticipate your content. They know what to look for from your brand, so they know when to stop scrolling and engage with you. Without establishing clear brand recognition, your brand is at risk of becoming part of the noise. 

Consistent branding shows you have standards

Instead of just posting any old image, branded design content communicates to the customer that you have standards. Your brand has a firm identity and carries that through in everything it does. Especially in today’s saturated market, people are all the more likely to do their brand research before committing. They also increasingly desire a level of familiarity with a brand—what it stands for and is all about. Consistency of design on social media tells people you’re established, confident, and secure in your value offering. Your brand is worth their time, trust, and dollars. 

Branded content reinforces trust in your expertise

Similar to the above, when you put branded content into the social sphere, it’s a testament to your expertise. Heck, some non-experts fool folks into believing they *are* experts just through killer, consistent branding. But when done with integrity and the credentials to back it up, branded design is one of the best ways to share your singular knowledge in a visual, appealing way. The fact is people are consuming information differently these days—think: social infographics, text-heavy images, carousel posts that break down tricky topics into digestible bits. If you’re an expert with key messaging to share, it’s time to share it in a whole new way.

Branded content can’t be stolen

So you’re an expert in your field, putting truth bombs and pro tips on social media. If your content isn’t branded and watermarked with your logo, your images and intellectual property are ripe for the picking. Combining your knowledge with thoughtful, branded design ensures your content is either a.) used by you and only you, or b.) shared by others, but with visible credit that will lead people back to your brand. 

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