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August National Days

August National Days

content planning national days Jul 15, 2022
Let's keep the summer momentum rolling with some fun and funky holidays to spark your social content calendar. From days that honor our furry friends to the chance to show the world how funny you are, August has some super holidays to get inspired by. Here are 8 holidays in August to inspire your social posts:
August 8: International Cat Day
Are you a cat person? Then today is your day. Introduce followers to the cats that belong to your team members—or feature the team members themselves. Point out that what ties these crazy kids together is their love of cats. Prompt people to leave their pick in the comments: 🐶 or 🐱
August 9: National Book Lovers Day
Share your favorite book—either one you've recently read or of all-time. You can think of it as your favorite just-for-fun book or a favorite book related to your industry. Think of this as a chance to entertain or educate, whichever feels right to you.
August 11: National Sons & Daughters Day
As Whitney Houston sang, we believe the children are our future. If there are sons or daughters of your team members to praise on social, today is a perfect day to show them some love.
August 15: National Relaxation Day
Take a break from work and share what you do to relax. You might even talk about what your team does as a whole to unwind—like summer Fridays or birthday lunches.
August 16: National Tell A Joke Day
Fancy yourself a comedian? Make a funny reel today, or share content that makes you laugh in your IG stories. If you're not the funny one, enlist the company clown to handle the social feed today.
August 21: World Entrepreneurs Day
Hello, entrepreneur! If you are one, today is a great day to tell your story on social. Go ahead—post that headshot or, dare we say, share a video of you telling your story of how it started, how it's going, and what you're hoping for next as a business owner.
August 26: International Dog Day
Dog people, it's your turn to show up for your fur babies. See the cat post above, but make this one all about the pups.
August 26: Women's Equality Day
If you're a women-run business like Small Studio, get inspired by Women's Equality Day to highlight the fact that your team is full of girl power. If you're part of a small team of women, break down what you each bring to the table. Don't forget to put faces to the names with photo or video.
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