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April National Days

April National Days

content planning national days social media Mar 23, 2022
 If you’re building your own social media content calendar for your small business, we have a couple of can’t-miss hacks that will make your life so much easier.
First, lean on evergreen content. Evergreen content means posting about something that’s always true and in season. Whether you post about it today or a year from now, this information applies to you and your business, always. Get our list of 30+ evergreen social post prompts here. 
Second, use national holidays big and small to inspire your feed. For instance, we’re going to give you 10 national days to potentially focus on for April. Do you have to come out and say “Happy National Denim Day”? No! But even so, you can refer to these to spark an idea. 
Here are 10 holidays for April and how to get inspired by them: 
April 1: April Fool’s Day
If you or someone on your team is a real jokester, this would be the perfect chance to spotlight some personality on social. You might launch a phony product or service, or give some obviously-terrible advice related to your industry—and then educate on the real deal at the very end. 
April 7: World Health Day
This one’s a no-brainer for businesses in the health and wellness industries. This day was founded by the World Health Organization to celebrate healthcare professionals, but you can use it as a way to honor whatever health means for you, your business, and your clients.
April 10: National Siblings Day
Give your followers a peek into your upbringing. Do you come from a big family with lots of brothers and sisters? Do you have just one or two siblings you’re super close with? Think about what role your siblings played in your business or passions. Do they support you? Challenge you? If you’re an only child, forget Siblings Day and discuss the ways growing up solo prepared you to run your own business. 
April 11: National Pet Day
It’s a universal truth that people LOVE to love dog and cat content on social media. National Pet Day is your excuse to share an adorable photo or reel of your fur baby. You could even post a simple poll in your stories—Dogs vs. Cats—for a quick boost of engagement.
April 17: Easter
If Easter is your thing, it falls on April 17th in 2022. If not, focus on spring themes of renewal, freshness, and growth. 
April 21: Get to Know Your Customers Day
Get to Know Your Customers Day falls on the third Thursday of every quarter. Use this day to learn more about your customers. Conducting polls, getting feedback, and taking questions on stories would be great places to start. 
April 21: National Administrative Professionals Day
April 21st also celebrates administrative professionals. Look at your team—does someone fit the bill? If so, spotlight them on your social channels. You might post a photo with some fun facts about this person, or if you’re feeling trusting, you could let them do an Instagram story takeover for the day.
April 22: Earth Day
Earth Day was founded in 1970 to encourage education of environmental issues worldwide. This would be a great time to get outside and do some good for the environment, or perhaps to donate a portion of sales to an environmental cause. Be conscious of being performative with your posts today—followers can sniff out a phony!
April 27: National Denim Day
How do you take your denim? Light wash, dark indigo, flared, skinny, vintage? If you have the team to support it, make a fun post to show off everyone’s denim picks. Get creative with a caption about what each choice says about their personality or work style. 
April 28: National Bring Your Daughter or Son to Work Day
Do you remember this day as a kid? Maybe it inspired your own professional ambitions. Or maybe you have a daughter or son of your own who you can bring to work and show the ropes. If so, take photos and videos throughout this special day—not just to post on social, but to keep for yourself for years to come.
Happy planning!

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