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April Instagram Post Ideas

April Instagram Post Ideas

content planning Mar 16, 2023

April 1st: April Fool’s Day

The trick to pulling off a good April’s Fool joke is planning. Launch an impractical or unbelievable product for the fun of the day. Share your best practical joke with your audience.


April 2nd: PB & Jelly Day

The classic, peanut butter and jelly. Some may say that one cannot go without the other. Tell your audience what your business could not go without. Or what makes your business so good!


April 8th: Easter

Easter is considered Christianity’s most important holy holiday. If that applies to your or your business, share your faith! You might strike up connections and conversations with others. 


April 11th: National Marketing Operations Day

National Marketing Operations Day celebrates the individuals and technology that help marketing teams thrive. Give some extra love to the ones behind the marketing campaigns that help the business run.


April 18th: Exercise Day

As the weather gets warmer, this is the perfect time to get up and get some exercise. Take the kids to the park, get your bikes out, or even some time in the yard. Show your audience how you are getting moving on national exercise day. 



April 22: Earth Day

Cue the composting, recycling, repurposing, carpooling, thrifting, and metal straws to save the turtles. With serious concerns about our environment changing, it is important to show how your business does its part in keeping green!


April 23rd: Book Day

Book day is a great day to share with your followers what books have impacted you personally or your business. Reading has spiked since COVID-19 and people are going crazy for a good book recommendation. 


April 30th: Start of Small Business Week

The name of the week speaks for itself. Share on your Instagram story some of your favorite local businesses or even partner with them for a giveaway. It truly is a win-win situation.

If you love all these ideas but don’t have the time you want to dedicate to social media, Small Studio can help! Work with a team who builds your content for you and try a more hands off approach. This way your social media stays consistent and you have more time to dedicate to your business. Book a discovery call with Ashton if you are interested in Social Media management! 



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