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3 Seasonal Changes To Add To Your Social Account

social media Jan 06, 2023

As seasons change, it is important to remember to replicate that to your social media. It keeps you in-the-know and adds extra flare to your page.


Seasonal Photography
It is normal to not have seasonal photography in your backpocket. That does not mean you should not incorporate it. Take advantage of the free stock photo sites of Unsplash and Pexels. Using stock websites you do not have to worry about stealing anyone's photos. 

Design Tip: If you can’t find an image that will work with your font colors. Place an white box in the middle of the image, turn down the opacity, and try your text with a dark color! 

Have A “Seasonal” Color

Seasons are used because we already associate certain colors with each season. White snow in the winter, rich red leaves in the fall, kelly green grass in the summer, or pastel pink flowers in the spring.

Keeping the colors in season will allow your followers to feel as if they are moving with the seasons. Did you know that green is the color of spring? Spring is when everything comes back to life after a long winter slumber. Green can also associate with soothing and calming feelings and helps in feeling alive.


Incorporate An Icon Set

Icons are undervalued and underused in social media. They can catch a user's attention and add some extra flare to a story, post, and a reel! Head to The Noun Project or Creative Market for a wide variety of icons to choose from. It is good to have at least 3-5 in a set so there is diversity but yet staying consistent to the season and brand.

Adding icons are a great way to communicate with your followers and give them an idea about what your businesses offers. 


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