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3 Reasons to Brand Your Workspace

3 Reasons to Brand Your Workspace

branding small business Oct 26, 2022

Where do you work from? As a small business owner, you might have an office, a studio, or even a home office. Have you thought about how your business’s brand is reflected in the space in which you work? 


Oftentimes, tangible branding is something we see online and in printed materials. It’s your website, logo, business cards, brochure, mailers, email newsletter, and more. There are colors, fonts, graphics, photography styles, word choices, and vibes that remain consistent in these spaces, keeping your business on brand. (P.S. If your business needs branding, we can help!)

Let’s marry the two—your workspace + your brand. Think about it: Your workspace is an extension of your brand. It’s your brand in the real world, and way bigger than any brochure. Why does branding your workspace matter? What’s the benefit? Will it improve your bottom line? We say a resounding YES! 

Here are 3 reasons to brand your workspace:

Your environment will get you in the right headspace 

It starts with your own productivity and enjoyment. Being in a space that reflects your brand will help get your head in your business game that much quicker. This space is special and reserved for work. Surround yourself with colors and styles that inspire you and make you excited to be productive every day.

Your customers will see intentional branding as a sign of professionalism
Sometimes, our customers come to us with a branded website, print materials, and studio. It’s then up to us to carry that branding through to their social media presence. The aim here is to drive home the legitimacy and professionalism of your small business—the time and attention to detail you put into ensuring everything looks and feels consistent across all avenues.

The reverse is equally true: If you have an established brand in all the little ways, carrying it through to your physical space displays intention and pride in your business and brand. People want to work with businesses who have their act together, and a well-branded workspace helps give customers the confidence to choose you.

Your look will remain consistent on social media
This is a big one for us. We offer quarterly photoshoots for our local clients, and it’s essential that those shoots take place in a space that’s on-brand for each business. Even without a pro shoot, think of any time you go live on social or snap a photo at work. What is your environment communicating about your business? Our advice: If you can’t keep it on brand right now, at least keep it neutral and clean.

Interested in working with us on branding or social media for your small business? Set up your complimentary discovery call today!



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