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How SEO Impacts Your Businesses Online Presence

business social media Mar 11, 2022
Hey there, Small Studio visitor! My name is Gaby, and I’m the owner of Highland Trail Analytics. We specialize in all things search engine optimization ranging from on-page, off-page, technical audits, and ongoing SEO reporting and management. Ashton invited me over to her corner of the internet to create this blog highlighting what I do as a search engine optimization specialist, and speak to how my mission is not only similar but complementary to what Small Studio also represents. 

How SEO Impacts Your Businesses Online Presence

Whether your business has been operating for years or you are a brand new start-up, I think we can all agree that the internet is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Search engine optimization is all about the process of optimizing (increasing value) your website so that Google (a popular search engine) can favor it and pair it as a result for a relevant search query. 
Want to know who the “best massage therapist in Milwaukee, WI” is? Well, when you search that keyword, Google is going to do its very best to show you who the best results are for that search. This is why search engine optimization is crucial. An optimized website means we can send more signals to Google to show them that your website and business provide the best answer/service/etc.

SEO and Social Media - A Dynamic Duo

Search engine optimization isn’t just for websites, however. Other popular search engines that most people use on a regular basis include:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • YouTube
For many business owners, social media is a crucial aspect of their marketing strategy and overall client engagement. Showing up with consistent branding, communicating a sense of brand identity, creating a space that’s both appealing and relatable - the list goes on and on, but the importance of all of these components helps piece together the many facets of your online business strategy. 
Something we have seen in recent years is how social media platforms have integrated their own algorithms to influence what displays in news feeds, discover feeds, and so on. While some of these algorithm changes have been helpful, many of the changes have had a huge impact on engagement and display for many business owners, and keeping up with the changes can be exhausting. This is where social media management can make a massive difference.
You can read more about Instagram’s algorithm here.

How A Social Media Management Strategy Can Boost Your Accounts SEO

Ashton and her team are pros at what it takes to help your business stand out on social media. From incorporating your branding, creating cohesive and informative posts, and showing up consistently - they’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a social media manager in Milwaukee, Small Studio Brand Shop is the agency for you. 

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