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1 Piece of Content, 4 Ways to Share

1 Piece of Content, 4 Ways to Share

business client features social media Nov 10, 2021


Don’t self-sabotage, thinking that once you post about something to your blog, feed, or story that you’re done-zo. In fact, did you know that once upon a time, advertisers lived by the Rule of 6 – meaning, it takes a prospective client six exposures before they’ll purchase. While it’s not a perfect analogy, it’s pretty close.

The fact is, you can feel good about using multiple avenues to share one piece of information on social media. Why? Because it takes repeat viewings and different ways of phrasing in order to actually get through to your followers. Think about how many posts you scroll through on social media in one day. It’s a no-brainer that your messaging is going to be more successful if people see it multiple times, in various places.

Our advice is to start with a blog post. On your blog, you have unlimited space to talk about all the little details related to a given topic. We’ll use our recent post “Branded Content is Better Content” as an example. It’s time to split this blog post into 4 ways of social sharing.

1. Make an in-feed post.

Use the title of your blog post as a text-overlay graphic, then direct followers to your blog to learn more. You could also pull key nuggets of info from your blog post to generate a handful of feed posts. Remember that each post really only needs one main message. This is how you turn a blog post into a bunch of valuable snippets.

2. Make a reel.

Unleash some creativity by relaying info or teasing out your blog post in a fun reel. Get inspired by other reels you’ve seen and adapt the messaging to fit your content. Still feeling a little intimidated by reels? There’s a resource guide coming soon for that.

3. Post a video to stories.

Stories are the perfect place to get chatty. Use your blog post as inspiration (hello, your outline is ready!), then get in front of the camera to briefly talk through it. Because your story will only appear for 24 hours, it’s okay to be a little redundant with your feed post and reel. Think of this as a way of reaching those followers who only look at stories (there are a lot of them!).

4. Send an email.

If you have an email list, use it! Popping into inboxes is an easy way to stay front-of-mind for your customers. The email doesn't have to be fancy – all you have to do is tease out your blog post and include a link to “read more.”

Can you think of other ways to stretch one piece of content?

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