We help passionate business owners  establish and grow their identity through creative content and bold branding.

What Makes Us Different?

✨Branding Is Our Thing

We make sure your brand comes through loud and clear on social. It's more than a logo—it's images, captions, and engagement that reflects everything your brand stands for.

🙋‍♀️We Get What You Do

We take the time to get to know not only your brand but your business. We learn about your industry, team, and the value you bring so we can speak directly to your target audience.

💬 Communication Is Key.

Consistent communication is a big part of our process. We keep you in the loop, invite feedback, and are happy to work as collaboratively as you like—or keep you (mostly!) out of it.


Cultivate Relationships

Success starts with meaningful connections. We're here to build long-lasting, symbiotic relationships with our clients. Consider us a part of the team! By extension, we nurture relationships with our clients' customers via social.

Growth Mindset

We want to grow—both with and for our clients. We're always thinking about how to do and be better. We focus on growth as individuals, as a team, and in our process, knowing that bettering ourselves plants seeds of growth for everyone.

Authentic Communication

Our communication is consistent and honest, rooted in positivity and problem-solving. The same goes for how we express ourselves on a client's behalf. Good communication helps us stay on the same page and move the story forward together.

Be a good Human

We lead with kindness, respect, and empathy for all individuals. Ours is an inclusive environment that invites dialogue and the opportunity to serve a vibrant array of clientele. Our hope is to partner with fellow good humans.

Deliver and Delight

With creativity at our core, we strive to produce work that whole-heartedly delights, all while ensuring timeliness and professionalism. In so doing, we're able to deliver on our clients' needs, delighting every step of the the way.


Owner & CEO

Ashton is the boss and brains behind Small Studio. As a Milwaukee-based designer, social media manager, branding expert, and advocate for women in business, she's the queen of wearing many hats. Ashton has been designing for over 10 years and launched Small Studio Brand Shop to help fellow small business owners be bold and pursue their passions.