Koehn & Koehn Case Study

Get to know Koehn & Koehn

Koehn & Koehn Jewelers are a sleek shop selling high-end designer jewelry, including engagement rings and wedding bands. Owned by husband and wife duo Andy and Jenn Koehn, their shop is small but mighty with a 100-year history in the jewelry industry. “We’ll surprise you in a good way. It’s not forced, it’s who we are. A small, intimate place that gets things done with ease and personality.”

Koehn & Koehn on Social: How It Started

Before working with Small Studio, the Koehn & Koehn social feed might have belonged to any jewelry store. Most of the images weren’t watermarked and missed out on showcasing the signature fun-loving spirit of the Koehns.

Social Media Goals

The goal with Koehn & Koehn was to bring consistency, personality, and life to the feed. They wanted to share expertise and establish Koehn & Koehn as masters in their industry with fair prices and meaningful connections. The aim was to grow the engagement, following, and customer base during the busiest season in jewelry: the holidays through Valentine’s Day.

Koehn & Koehn On Social: The Results

Working with Koehn & Koehn during peak wedding-engagement season, we implemented some impactful changes. We carried their sunny yellow color throughout the posts, unifying the feed and signaling to folks “this is Koehn & Koehn—not any old jewelry shop.” We brought variety to the types of posts, featuring products while also educating and spotlighting wedding-engagement stories.

The stats: Total net audience growth across Instagram and Facebook increased by 13.5%. Incoming messages received increased by 95.4%—meaning followers were so engaged with the Koehn & Koehn content, they took the time to reach out. That’s a big deal! Impressions increased by 23.4%, engagement increased by 30.3%, and engagement per impression increased by 5.6%.

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