IVMe Milwaukee Case Study

Get to know IVMe Milwaukee

IVMe Wellness & Aesthetics in Milwaukee is a Third Ward clinic for IV hydration, vitamin shots, filler, skincare, and more, led by Co-Founder and nurse practitioner Heather Herrick. Heather spent the first 10 years of her career as a pediatric nurse, also working part-time at a local med spa. She then took a professional leap to start IVMe. “The chance to combine my injectables experience with a full suite of functional medicine to help patients achieve their health, beauty & recovery goals—it's a dream come true.”

IVMe Milwaukee on Social: How It Started


Before choosing Small Studio for Social Media Management, Heather was doing a wonderful job of posting regularly to her account, @medicalaestheticsbyheather. She was showing up and giving her community the type of content they were craving. 

 We came into the picture because Heather wanted social posting off her plate. Not only that, we were able to ensure a polished, branded look and feel for each post. By partnering with Small Studio, Heather knew her social presence would stay active and elevated. 

Social Media Goals

Our goal for IVMe was to keep up the good work and take it up a notch. We made sure to show up on social media consistently and with strategy, spreading the content love among the many services offered at IVMe. Our posts also had to bring value, educating customers on the ins and outs of aesthetic and wellness services. 

Luckily for us, we are well-versed in this industry, so working with aestheticians and speaking to their offerings comes naturally. Design-wise, our quarterly photo shoots ensured a consistent visual style. Thoughtful watermarking and branding not only ensured IVMe’s content looked distinct, it also meant no one else could claim these photos or graphics for their own.

IVMe Milwaukee On Social: The Results

 In the time we worked with IVMe, impressions grew by 71.6% with engagements per impression up 89% and overall engagements up a whopping 224.5%. Video content logged 73,559 views in the span of just three months. We’re thrilled with these results!

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